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Medication Administration

We are happy to administer oral or injectable medications for pets that need regular dosing.

Oral Administration

We are glad to provide our campers their prescribed medications during their stay as many times a day as necessary!

$10 per day

Subcutaneous Fluid Administration

Either you provide the prescribed fluids to administer or we can at an additional charge!

$15 per administration

Injectable Medications

If your camper is on an injectable medication, no problem! We are happy to administer it. Just bring them with you.

$10 per injection

Insulin Treatment

Bring in your camper's Insulin and needles and we are happy to give them their daily dosages. We can provide the supplies at an additional charge.

$5 per dose administration

Medical Monitoring

We are able to monitor for Blood Glucose, Urine Glucose, Heart Rate and Beat, Respiratory Rate and Sounds, and Temperature.

Initial Medical Examination

For our campers that are requiring medical attention or preventative treatment


Recheck Examination

For our campers that need continued monitoring and exams for a medical condition.


Vital Sign Exam

A heart, respiratory, and temperature vital sign evaluation is available for campers with any chronic medical condition.


Urine Test Strips

We are able to offer urine test strips for urinary system disorders or to monitor urine glucose levels for those campers that prefer a less invasive way to monitor their glucose levels


Blood Glucose Testing

Blood Glucose Testing for our diabetic camper involves retrieving a sample of blood and checking the levels for normal ranges. If you pet's level needs adjusting, we are able to manipulate feeding or medical Insulin dosing to adjust its level.


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Medical Services

                For those campers that need medical provisions 

We offer regular medicine administration, medical testing, and monitoring.

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