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For the health and safety of all our campers, we require they be fully updated on the below vaccinations to stay at our camp.  All new vaccinations should be given two weeks prior to check-in at camp.  If your pet needs a booster, we can gladly give that vaccine on the spot.  



This vaccine protects against the more common of the Canine Influenza viruses.  There has been a recent upsurge of diagnosed Canine Influenza cases in Oregon.  The virus is highly contagious, much like the flu seen in humans, and has the potential to be quite devastating to the health of our canine companions.  We don't want any of our campers contracting this disease at our facility.  Our goal is to educate about the potential risk and increased need for preventative measures and provide our clients increased peace of mind.  We now require the vaccine starting in January of 2019.



This is a 5-way combination vaccine that protects against the life threatening Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, and Parvo viruses.  This immunization is required for all dogs visiting or staying at our camp grounds.  This vaccine is given in a series of three administrations starting at 6-8 weeks of age.  The immunization should be boostered at 12, 16 and 20 weeks of age depending on the breed of your dog.  After the initial puppy series, the immunization should be boostered at 1 year of age and then every three years following. 



This vaccine protects against the kennel cough causing organism Bordetella and Parainfluenza.  Although it is usually not a deadly disease, it is highly contagious and can lead to an irritating cough, upper respiratory infections and possible pneumonia.   This vaccine is given at 10-12 weeks of age then boostered at 16 weeks of age.  After the initial puppy series, the immunization is needed yearly or every six months for regular interaction with other unknown dogs.



This is an invariably fatal zoonotic disease of the Central Nervous System.  It can affect most animals including wildlife, dogs, cats and even people.  It is legally required to immunize your dog!  Puppies can be vaccinated at 12-16 weeks of age.  It should then be boostered at one year of age, then every 3 years thereafter.  Your dog should be registered within the county you reside.  We are able to help you get registered with the county once your dog is vaccinated.


If you have questions as to whether your pet is up to date or missing one of the required vaccines, please give us a call: 503-538-2354

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